8 Ways to Show Your Pet You Love Them

8 Ways to Show Your Pet You Love Them

Every now and again your dog will do something so sweet or cute, it makes you stop and think about how much we appreciate and love them.

You know they’re committed to you and you have their complete devotion. But you, you’re always busy, you have your work, your friends and other activities. So forget the card, lavish your dog with love and some of your valuable time.

Here are some ideas for you. Choose one or all 8, your pet will wag their tail in appreciation.

Give the Gift of:

1. Massage

Give your pet a massage. Here’s how, wait until your dog is in a calm and relaxed frame of mind. Next, start petting your dog and applying brisk strokes to his shoulders and hip area. Let your dog tell you the level of touch. Start lighter and get deeper, depending on how your pet reacts.

If your pet is enjoying it, i.e., stretching out and rolling over on his back, you can pick up the hind legs and work your fingers a little deeper around the joint area. Aim for a kneading movement like kneading bread dough. This is great is dogs who are getting a little older and who’s muscles may be sore after a long day out.

2. Long walks

This is every dog’s favorite. Do you have a favorite place to go? One you don’t get to very often? This is a great time to carve out the time to go. Whether it be along the riverside or a trek through the country, your dog will love getting out and smelling the air.

3. Grooming

coat, nails, teeth, ears…the works …they may not love the experience, but every  pet loves feeling clean afterwards.  If you don’t have a regular groomer, ask for recommendations for your pet loving friends – the one with the dog who always looks great.  Depending on your dog’s coat and the groomer’s schedule, you may need to allow 2-3 hours for your dog to get spiffy. As you can imagine, dog grooming is best done AFTER the long walk.

4. Praise them

There’s nothing a dog loves more than praise, so praise Lucy while you’re out on your walk or even while you’re sitting around watching TV. Praise can come in the form of words and pets, such as “Good dog, Lucy!” and of course it can also come in the form of yummy treats.

5. Party Time

Got a fenced in yard? Why not invite your dog loving friends (and their dogs) over for an afternoon of fun. You can play games with the dogs like chase, or leave them to their own fun. If it’s hot out, try filling a kiddie pool with water for the water loving canines in your set. Water balloons are also fun. Just don’t let anyone eat balloon remnants, pups can’t digest them.

6. Practice a New Trick

Whether you’re finally getting your “sit” down or you want to teach Max to walk on hind legs carrying a tray, your dog is eager to please and will enjoy the attention.

Of course you’ll want to remember, your dog isn’t likely to get it all at once. Teaching a dog a trick is best done in short increments – 10-15 minutes at a time once or twice a day until they get it. Most dogs work best for rewards (small pieces of a treat) and some dogs will be more adept than others. You’re smart you’ll work to your dog’s strengths. Not every dog will be able to walk on his hind legs carrying a tray no matter how much you try.

7. Plan an Adventure

When’s the last time you took a weekend away with your dog? Never? It’s time to fix that. Where would you like to go? The beach? The city? Camping? No matter what you decide, your dog will be thrilled to go with you. Just make sure you have doggie friendly accommodations lined up.

8. New Duds – Collars/Leashes

When was the last time you bought your dog a new leash or collar? Has it been awhile? After you’ve groomed them up, why not put a new collar/leash combo on them? Your dog will feel relaxed and happy after all this pampering.

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