Are Sardines Healthy For Dogs?

Are Sardines Healthy For Dogs?

Mostly made of protein and healthy fats, Sardines also contain many trace minerals essential to dog health like vitamin B12, Vitamin D which helps fight cancer.

Sardines also contain high amounts of Phosphorus which plays an important role in processing fats and carbohydrates in dogs, and also helps synthesise protein for building muscle, repairing muscles, and transporting vitamins around the body.

Another reason Sardines are a nutritional powerhouse is because they are also high in Omega 3 fatty acids which we know from mountains of research helps dogs in many ways like cancer prevention and normal cell and brain function.

Lastly, Sardines also contains a vitamin called Selenium which has been found to slow down the natural ageing process and can help maintain regular cell function and combat inflammation.

Here's to healthy Pets! 

- James B

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